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Common Pursuits desires to equip readers to live quiet but vital lives in their local communities. We want to do this by sharing stories of the common pursuits that unite us all.

Under that umbrella, we are happy to engage a wide range of perspectives across ideological, religious, and cultural lines. We believe different traditions can help us see our common pursuits with greater clarity and nuance, so we welcome good-faith disagreement. What brings us together is the confidence that we will always find something to share and gather around in the practice of ordinary life in our embodied communities.

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It is our ambition to hold up the ordinary and common things which make up the good life. Practicing this life requires us to slow down and apprentice ourselves to simple habits of mind, body, and soul. At Common Pursuits, reflections are short personal meditations on life at home, work, or in the world. Where are the ordinary seeds of beauty in our overwrought and complicated lives, the focal practices that not only carry us through but help us love along the way?


Finally, features at Common Pursuits are longer pieces that aim to explore what’s good in our common life and why. Features are the place to make a case for what’s good, true, and beautiful in ordinary life. Bring your deepest commitments to the table. An editor will work with you to craft feature from pitch to page.

Ordinary life is a wonder we have in common; we're pleased to pursue it together with our neighbours.