Doing What You Love Won't Save You
Ideas & Culture
We must fit our passions under another overarching narrative that can bear the weight of our deepest desires. The artwork cannot stand alone; it needs a frame.
7 min read
Disney Retrospective: Hercules
Disney Retrospective
In a globalized, lonely world, we are all like Hercules. We all want to know where we belong. But is home in a place or a person?
7 min read
Nespresso Machine or Espresso Maker?
Disney Retrospective: WALL-E
Disney Retrospective
Herein are two approaches to life: technology as an end or technology as a means to the end.
7 min read
CP Monthly for May 2021
Birdwatching, black beans, and the spaces we fill.
Practicing Presence Amid On-Demand Distraction
Ideas & Culture
When was the last time you did something and didn’t try to upgrade the task by layering another activity on top of it?
3 min read
Masks & The Mandalorian
Ideas & Culture
What was once a symbol of power, control, and fear, is now a reminder of this man’s powerlessness, his lack of control, and his fearfulness of death.
CP Monthly for April 2021
Trust, chocolate chip cookies, and a hard reset for the internet.
Towards Technopoly: The Broken Defences
Technology & Science
However imperfect the former things were, Postman is determined to argue for the value of the things we've lost.
8 min read
CP Monthly for February 2021
Losing restaurants, cabbage rolls, and the world beyond our heads.
Disney Retrospective: Aladdin
Disney Retrospective
What's a street rat worth, and what makes his life worthwhile?
7 min read
Habits for Cold Weather (and Hot Cocoa)
Home & Food
Wintertime rhythms and hot cocoa for four.
CP Monthly for January 2021
Sidewalks, barley risotto, and an empty hotel.
Learning The Steps of The Sidewalk Ballet
Community & People
An experience of "the ballet of the good city sidewalk" in Montreal.
5 min read

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