Encanto: The Miracle is You
Common Culture
Going beyond community expectations or individual-based achievement enables us to see differently, from a lens of merit to a lens of love. Love pierces through the veil of what we are for who we are.
8 min read
Soul: Doing What You Love Won't Save You
Common Culture
We must fit our passions under another overarching narrative that can bear the weight of our deepest desires. The artwork cannot stand alone; it needs a frame.
8 min read
Hercules: Finding Your Place
Common Culture
In a globalized, lonely world, we are all like Hercules. We all want to know where we belong. But is home in a place or a person?
8 min read
Nespresso Machine or Espresso Maker?
WALL-E: Looking Past Appearances
Common Culture
Herein are two approaches to life: technology as an end or technology as a means to the end.
6 min read
CP Monthly for May 2021
Birdwatching, black beans, and the spaces we fill.
Practicing Presence Amid On-Demand Distraction
Ideas & Culture
When was the last time you did something and didn’t try to upgrade the task by layering another activity on top of it?
3 min read
Masks & The Mandalorian
Common Culture
What was once a symbol of power, control, and fear, is now a reminder of this man’s powerlessness, his lack of control, and his fearfulness of death.
CP Monthly for April 2021
Trust, chocolate chip cookies, and a hard reset for the internet.
Towards Technopoly: The Broken Defences
Technology & Science
However imperfect the former things were, Postman is determined to argue for the value of the things we've lost.
8 min read
CP Monthly for February 2021
Losing restaurants, cabbage rolls, and the world beyond our heads.
Aladdin: What's a Street Rat Worth?
Common Culture
What's a street rat worth, and what makes his life worthwhile?
7 min read
Habits for Cold Weather (and Hot Cocoa)
Home & Food
Wintertime rhythms and hot cocoa for four.
CP Monthly for January 2021
Sidewalks, barley risotto, and an empty hotel.

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