Lester Liao
Lester is a physician in Toronto and a co-founder of Common Pursuits. He has written for CBC, National Post, the Globe and Mail, HuffPost, and his daughter's letter collection.
Disney Retrospective: Aladdin
Disney Retrospective
What's a street rat worth, and what makes his life worthwhile?
7 min read
Second-Round Lockdown
Community & People
Toronto just went back into lockdown. It's frustrating. We are tired of this pandemic. But going into lockdown the second time is not the same.
3 min read
Disney Retrospective: Ratatouille
Home & Food
What is often called snobbery is potentially an ardent devotion to what is good, if only we have the will to see.
6 min read
Love Coffee — but not like that
Ideas & Culture
Coffee does much more than get us through the day (or night), but it can't be rushed.
4 min read
Disney Retrospective: Mulan
Ideas & Culture
Introducing a new series: Disney Retrospective: "Some 20 years after the release of Disney's animated Mulan, my thoughts on the movie have changed."
8 min read
Learning from Used Books
Ideas & Culture
Used books, like the used and repair economies in general, call into question the value of production for production's sake.
3 min read
Music & Melancholy
Ideas & Culture
Music has a profound ability to shape our experience of the world.
3 min read
Finding Myself in the Stacks
Ideas & Culture
The shaping power of my little library goes beyond the suggestion to bury myself in Dostoevsky. The library is my life history collected across volumes; these are the ideas and stories that have formed me.
3 min read
Buildings, Rooms, and Anton Ego
Ideas & Culture
When you’re largely stuck indoors, even the building next door becomes special. And I see how this house blocks the sun, how it abuts the little walkway between our buildings that makes me feel cramped and unwelcome. No wonder I rarely step through here.
3 min read
Love Takes Time
Ideas & Culture
Relationships are a natural and essential part of being human. Because they happen naturally, it's very easy to take relationships for granted. Our culture of busyness doesn't help.
3 min read

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