Caitlin Condit
Caitlin Condit studied English and French at McGill University but can most often be found reading thick cookbooks and purchasing obscure spices. So far, her family has only blacklisted one recipe.
A Warm Welcome: Les Filles Fattoush
Community & People
The women of Les Filles Fattoush operate a catering service built around Syrian food, but they also participate in a community that helps refugees put down new roots.
Everyone is Family at the Furan
Home & Food
Bread is often a symbol for everything taking place around it: the camaraderie, the eating, the enjoyment, the drama. The phrase “to break bread” implies more than eating; it signifies a partaking of community.
Black History, Books & Filling in the Gaps
Community & People
After graduating, an idea began to take shape. What if Sean Liburd opened a bookstore that not only included African authors and those of the African diaspora but was actually built around them?
At Origin: Coffee for artists, art for Mount Pleasant
Cuneyt admitted that displaying artwork in a café or hosting a workshop might seem insignificant. “But these can actually be very encouraging things for artists,” he said. “Especially those at the beginning of their careers.”

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