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By inviting others into our spaces, around our tables, we want to learn to build the kind of connection that we really all desire: friendships that can go deep and a neighbourhood that knows, and believes, that we are part of it. 9 posts
Nespresso Machine or Espresso Maker?
Habits for Cold Weather (and Hot Cocoa)
Home & Food
Wintertime rhythms and hot cocoa for four.
Ratatouille: Devoted to Delight
Common Culture
What is often called snobbery is potentially an ardent devotion to what is good, if only we have the will to see.
7 min read
Attention in the Garden
Home & Food
Where Bake-Off took the venom out of cooking competitions, Gardeners’ World forgoes any contest at all. Instead, viewers tune in to Monty Don, and other presenters and guests, as he offers practical gardening advice and radiates appreciation for the slow, quiet world of things that grow.
3 min read
A Warm Welcome: Les Filles Fattoush
Community & People
The women of Les Filles Fattoush operate a catering service built around Syrian food, but they also participate in a community that helps refugees put down new roots.
Everyone is Family at the Furan
Home & Food
Bread is often a symbol for everything taking place around it: the camaraderie, the eating, the enjoyment, the drama. The phrase “to break bread” implies more than eating; it signifies a partaking of community.
How the Pandemic Changed My Parenting
Home & Food
Do we want to go back to normal after the pandemic? What if this is a chance to make the changes we were never brave enough to make?
Catching Conversations
Home & Food
Children are processing this pandemic with or without our help. Here are some ways to guide them through lockdown and whatever comes next.
Home & Food
Home & Food
Home is more than a thoughtful aesthetic. Our homes are vital sources of health and inspiration, and spaces of relationship and connection. We want to better how enjoy our homes, but also how to invite others in.