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Home & Food

Home is more than a thoughtful aesthetic. Our homes are vital sources of health and inspiration, and spaces of relationship and connection. We want to better how enjoy our homes, but also how to invite others in.
Home & Food

The spaces we occupy are infused with our personalities, our tastes, our comforts. We know that what we surround ourselves with speaks to what we value. What we see, hear, and expose ourselves to every single day affects the lives that we live outside of our spaces.

Being deliberate about how we order our lives extends to the spaces where we live. What choices do we make externally in our houses or apartments that reflect what we believe internally? What would it look like to give expression to those values?

Home is more than a thoughtful aesthetic, though. Our homes are vital to our own health and inspiration, but can also be profound places of relationship and connection. We want to understand ways to enjoy our homes and also how to invite others in.

This kind of hospitality is complicated. In an age of unprecedented global reach, we are surprisingly distant from our own neighbours. If it’s true that our souls were only meant to bear the burdens of our own villages, then we want to be a part of our villages. We want to live and know the people who live around us, but maybe not yet with us. Our doors are open.

One of the best and most beautiful places to gather in the home, is the table. Sharing a meal is central to building community and deepening friendship. We want to gather around the table together for many important reasons, but one of them is simply to enjoy great food! Whole cultures are built around food! What and how we eat is intimately tied to our sense of self. Sharing our meals, sharing how and why we prepare our tables, is really sharing ourselves.

By inviting others into our spaces, around our tables, we want to learn to build the kind of connection that we really all desire: friendships that can go deep and a neighbourhood that knows, and believes, that we are part of it.