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CP Monthly for May 2021

Birdwatching, black beans, and the spaces we fill.
CP Monthly for May 2021

New at Common Pursuits

Practicing Presence Amid On-Demand Distraction
When was the last time you did something and didn’t try to upgrade the task by layering another activity on top of it?
The Mandalorian, Masks, and Empathy
What was once a symbol of power, control, and fear, is now a reminder of this man’s powerlessness, his lack of control, and his fearfulness of death.

Reading & Cooking

🦆 The World Close to HomeInkcap Journal

Matt: I mentioned birdwatching before; I'm not the only one who picked up the hobby, it seems. Hopefully we can keep it up as the pace of life picks up in 2021.

Lockdown forced me to narrow my horizons: to our garden, and the three-mile walk or cycle ride around the moor behind my home, which we dubbed ‘the loop’. Like others, my initial disappointment gave way to a realisation that there is a lot to be said for staying closer to home. And as spring unfolded across the country, we realised that even if we couldn’t go to the birds, they could still come to us.
The joy of staying local
The last year has forced a rediscovery of nearby nature – but will these habits outlast lockdown?

🌽 Fresh Black Bean Salad

Matt: The weather is heating up and this salad is hearty enough to satisfy and fresh enough to cool you down. I add extra cilantro and lime!

Fresh Black Bean Salad Recipe - Cookie and Kate
This Southwestern black bean salad recipe is healthy and delicious! This fresh black bean salad is perfect for potlucks, parties and busy weeks.

📺 Rooms

Matt: We've all spent a lot more time in fewer rooms than usual over the past year. This animated short provides a fun reflection on our spaces.

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