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CP Monthly for May 2021
Birdwatching, black beans, and the spaces we fill.
CP Monthly for April 2021
Trust, chocolate chip cookies, and a hard reset for the internet.
CP Monthly for February 2021
Losing restaurants, cabbage rolls, and the world beyond our heads.
CP Monthly for January 2021
Sidewalks, barley risotto, and an empty hotel.
2020 Year-in-Review
Our top posts from 2020 for readers' enjoyment!
3 min read
CP Monthly for November 2020
Nonobvious conversation tips, soup au pois, and earthy wisdom from the village pub.
CP Monthly for October 2020
Subscribers-only: The (ageing) Boss, crispy chicken parm, and an invitation.
CP Monthly for September 2020
For Members Only – A monthly round-up and some timely encouragement.
CP Monthly for August 2020
CP Monthly  for July 2020
Call for Pitches
Write for Common Pursuits and join us in paying attention to the simple practices of ordinary life.
Welcome to CP Monthly
[Subscribers-only Post] Welcome to CP Monthly, a new monthly newsletter of perspective on and participation in ordinary life. Subscribe for access!
Ideas & Culture
Ideas & Culture
Culture is the manifestation of a series of assumptions and beliefs. We might say these ideas comprise the cultural air, and we breathe it in every day. Just like air, we should care about the quality of the ideas we breathe.
Home & Food
Home & Food
Home is more than a thoughtful aesthetic. Our homes are vital sources of health and inspiration, and spaces of relationship and connection. We want to better how enjoy our homes, but also how to invite others in.

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